Turbo Delivery enables fast shipping for retailers, online marketplaces, and e-commerce companies. Our software instantly activates store pickup, one-hour delivery, and scheduled same-day delivery with an easy-to-use UI and quick install process. We power major retailers with diverse products.

Our platform is white-label and can be customized with your branding and user experience.  We utilize sophisticated logistics technology to make it easy to scale fast shipping to thousands of stores.  


Flexible Shipping

Give customers flexible shipping options: store pickup, one-hour, same-day, and scheduled deliveries up to 30 days in the future. Seamless integration with both Postmates and Deliv.

Store Pickup

Offer store pickup as an option alongside delivery. Allow customers to schedule their pickups in advance, with pickup date and time windows configurable for each store.

Promotional Tools

Advertise one-hour delivery using marketing tools. Excite your customers by promoting same-day delivery products through chatbots and local search engines.

Unlimited Locations

Enable an unlimited number of shipping locations simultaneously. Configure each location with unique settings.

White-Label UI

Offer the platform to your customers with your own branding, user experience, look-and-feel, and URL. 

Open Hours

Control exactly when stores are available for pickups and deliveries. Configure custom time windows and holidays.

GPS Tracking Maps

 Give customers live, real-time tracking maps to show them exactly where their driver is during a delivery.

Customer-Driven Scheduling

Allow customers to schedule deliveries. Solve the "abandoned shopping cart" problem by promoting same-day delivery upfront.

Flexible Shipping Rates

Offer flexible shipping rates to customers. Support for carrier rates, flat rates, rates based on shopping cart amount, and more.

24/7 Order Queue

 Intelligent queuing system is always available for orders but schedules them for delivery only when stores are open. Never turn away business.

Order Calendar

View a calendar of upcoming and historical orders. Get a visual glance of order activity across days, weeks, and months.

Signature Verification

Require signature verification for deliveries. Provide pickup and dropoff notes for delivery drivers for special instructions.

Cutoff Time

Configure a cutoff time for same-day delivery. Automatically give customers the option of next-day delivery if they place an order after the cutoff time.

Lead Time

Set a lead time for orders to give your staff extra time to prepare a package. Handle food and special packaging use cases with ease.

Pickups Per Day

Control the rate of pickups and deliveries by only accepting a certain number of on-demand orders per day.

Store Delivery

Make on-demand deliveries with your own delivery drivers. Optionally use your own drivers for some locations and Deliv/Postmates for other locations.

Product Selector

Select which products to include for same-day delivery on a per-store and per-location basis. Includes powerful product search engine.

Distance Restriction

Choose a maximum distance radius to offer the Store Delivery option to customers. Specify distances in miles or kilometers.

Carrier Account Access

Customers can use dedicated accounts with each carrier they enable. Direct access to carrier tools and support.

Shopping Cart UI

Provide same-day delivery options to customers right on the shopping cart page. Solve the "abandoned shopping cart" problem for your customers.

Custom Stylesheets

 Use custom CSS stylesheets for each store and have UI elements automatically adapt themselves to unique colors and themes. 

Embeddable Admin UI

Embed the admin UI right in your own config panel with your own branding and look-and-feel. 

Streamlined Install

The platform is self-service and can be setup by stores in under 30 minutes. UI includes guidelines and tooltips.

Lookahead Days

 Configure minimum and maximum lookahead days to control which delivery windows are available, from same-day to 30 days in the future.